SAMT Engineering

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Our experience in this field today allows us to provide our customers with valuable advice on engineering reinforced concrete. Our expertise encompasses the optimisation of reinforcement drawings while taking into account the constraints involved and determining the best methods adapted to the time restrictions required for assembly operations on site…

> safety
> strength
> durability
> speed
> availability
> rigour
> creativity
> …



1) Furnishing reinforcement plans

• Montgenèvre covered bridge (entire project)
• RES Cadarache nuclear reactor
• Building M51 Île longue Brest (entire project)
• Bridge on the Rivière des Pluies, la Réunion island
• The 3 Bassins viaduct, la Réunion island
• Methane landing stage, Fos Cavaou (entire project)
• Toulon munition Arsenal (entire project)
• Dubaï Overgrand viaduct
• Cycofos project
• Incinerator Fos-sur-Mer
• EPR Flamanville
• RJH Cadarache, experimental reactor
• Bridge over the river Dordogne
• Underground parking “Ensemble J” , Monaco
• EPR reactor base slab, Taishan In Chine
• Port of Saint Raphaël
• “Les Terrasses du Port” shopping and leisure complex, Marseille
• PTR tank Fessenheim nuclear power station

2) technical assistance on methodology of reinforced concrete structures implementation

• Participant to methods studies, RES Cadarache
• methods for combined structures on the high-speed line “LGV” London
• Participant on the feasibility studies of the base slab EPR nuclear reactors
• methods studies for refinery, in South Africa
• Studies & implementation of concrete moulds gabarits and methodology of the upporting beams for the high-level Metro in Dubaï.
• EDF consultancy : EPR Flamanville, Hinkley Point (UK)
• on behalf of EDF : participation on the conception of third generation power stations
• Studies for the Weir river bridge, Sunderland (UK)
• Methodology for the Lee Tunnel project, London (UK)
• Crossrail project, Paddington station, London (UK)
• Pegasus project for AWE UK

3) Technical assistance and management personnel secondment

• Goro Nickel plant, New-Caledonia
• Viaduct Dubaï Metro
• Motorway interchange, Trinidad & Tobago
• methane terminal, Skikda (Algeria)
• N°2 quay Port of Degrad, Guyana
• Puente del Atlantico, Panama canal
• Subsea7 quay at Lobito, Angola