Construction site: ITER, Cadarache, France

2014-2024… 10 years separate these two photos seen from the sky and 10 years that we are proudly participating in the construction of the ITER Tokamak. One of the most ambitious projects in the world in the field of energy. 35 countries are engaged in the construction of the largest Tokamak ever designed, a machine which must demonstrate that fusion (the energy of the sun and stars) can be used as a large-scale energy source, not emitting CO2, to produce electricity. Since 2014, we have completed the following civil engineering lots: TB Alpha, TB08, TB03, TB11, TB18, LTCC, TB13… and we hope to be involved in the following future lots: TB20 and TB22 (Clients: VFR, Monsud, Nuvia-GTM, Comsa, Delkia et Chapus) (Photo credit: ITER Organization)