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on-site rebar supply and fixing, and Hérisson® couplers
et liaisons Hérisson® sur chantiers


supplying of assembled rebar structures for buildings


supplying cut and bend rebar

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La Région Réunion présente la SAMT Océan Indien.

Korail armatures
122 routes des sables, 97427 l’Étang Salé, La Réunion
Tél. 02 62 54 01 59, Fax 02 62 54 00 46

SAMT Océan Indien
ZI n°1, rue Jérome Bosch, 97420 Le Port, La Réunion
Tél. 02 62 55 47 10, Fax 02 62 55 47 09

Our facility is NF standard certified by AFCAB certificate nr A10/101

Sale distributor Armaturis®

L’opération intitulée “Compensation des surcoûts de transports – Intrants productifs 2015-2017” est cofinancée par l’Union européenne.

SAMT Océan Indien bénéficie du soutien de l’Europedans le cade de la mesure 8.02 du FEDER.

The “Armaturiers” on the island of “La Reunion”…

SAMT POSE undertakes its first project on La Reunion island constructing the viaducts over the Ravine Charpentier and the Ravine Sainte-Marie for the Sainte-Marie by-pass. The rebar were prepared in mainland France and shipped in containers.

Together with small and medium sized contracts, SAMT POSE undertakes a new unique engineered structure on the Island: the Bridge over the “Riviere des Galets” on the combined road “Cambale – Le Port”. The reinforcement was prepared on site through a temporary facility.

SAMT POSE carries out 4 principals engineered structures for “La Route des Tamarins”:
- Viaduct of Saint-Paul
- Viaduct over La Ravine des Trois-Bassins
- Viaduct over La Grande Ravine
- Viaduct over La Ravine Fontaine

together with
- Viaducts de la Savane
- Cap l’Haoussaye Tunnel
– Lot d’ouvrages d’art non courants N° 1
– Lot d’ouvrages d’art non courants N° 3
– Lot d’ouvrages d’art non courants N° 7
– Lot d’ouvrages d’art non courants N° 9
- Saint-Paul engineered TOARC
- Plateau Caillou

The rebar were supplied by the company “Réunion Armatures”.

Aongside “La Route des Tamarins” SAMT POSE constructed the Bridge over “La Riviere des Pluies” connecting the airport Rolland Garros with the Saint-Denis South Boulevard. The rebar were supplied by the company “Réunion Armatures”.

Establishment of KORAIL ARMATURES, supplying assembled reinforcement to the Building industry and to SAMT POSE for various projects throughout the Island, for example:
- Nr 1 water
- Nr 6 water
- Ermitage water-treatment plant
- The Grand Bois by-pass,
- EDF Sainte-Rose R4 Reservoir

Reunion Armatures was acquired by the SAMT group and renamed SAMT Océan Indien.

Since 2009
Whilst KORAIL ARMATURES supplies to a number of building projects, jointly SAMT OCEAN INDIEN and SAMT POSE carried out the major projects on the Island:

- Le Port Electricity power station
- Le Port cereal terminal
- Saint-Joseph by-pass
- Riviere Saint-Etienne bridge
- The Grand-Prado water treatment plant at Sainte-Marie
- Sainte-Suzanne stadium
- Water… tunnel at Salazie
- Saint-Denis Eastern access, engineered structured of “Le Chaudron”

The craft : bending, shaping, assembling, fixing

To work the steel, to create reinforcement which we supply to building constructors and civil engineering works, from “La Reunion” island in the Indian Ocean.
Our facility, located in “Le Port” holds a permanent stock of around 2000 tons of steel rebar from diameter 6mm to 40mm.
Our factory has the following latest equipment on 20k m2 of land:
> 2 tower cranes
> 1 high-capacity gantry crane
> 2 shear-lines
> 2 robotic benders
> 3 automatic coil benders
> 1 straightener/bender
> 3 uncoiler OMES
> 20 semi-automatic welding stations
We have our in-house transport fleet insuring our deliveries schedules.

We guarantee the stability of structures that are entrusted to us, a commitment which entails genuine expertise.
We dream of transparent concrete. We construct, in all weather, in the mud and under pressure, a wizardry of a spider’s web stitched by a steel thread, with the skill of a master tailor…

References in “La Réunion”

- Sainte-Marie by-pass : viaducts over Charpentier & Sainte-Marie ravines
- Bridge over the river du Mat
- Combined bridge over the river des Galets
- The “Route des Tamarins”, quoting solely the principals : Saint-Paul, de la Savane, de la Grande Ravine, over the Trois-Bassins river, over the ravine Fontaine viaducts, the Cap l’Haoussaye tunnel,…
- Bridge over the river des Pluies,
- New EDF power station “Le Port”
- New cereal terminal,
- The Grand Prado water treatment station,
- Bridge over the Saint-Étienne river
- The Grand Bois by-pass,
- Saint-Joseph by-pass