Company profile

Group founded by Edgard Thirion in 1988

We are known as "the reinforcing steel specialists". We guarantee the stability of structures that are entrusted to us, a commitment which entails genuine expertise. We construct, in all weather, in the mud and under pressure, a wizardry of a spider’s web stitched by a steel thread, with the skill of a master tailor. Infinity is our emblem. It perfectly expresses our sense of this art, our taste for excellence, our will to always respond to new technical challenges, our unity on the worksite and the knot of the steel that we tie.

3 structures have been built up and added together over time, 3 complementary trades that have enabled us to position ourselves as reinforcement specialists. As we have grown, we have built up a unique service for the companies that place their trust in us.

CA : ~ 1.5 M€.
Staff : 15
Guillaume THIRION : Legal representative
Edgard THIRION : Legal representative

CA : ~ 55 M€.
Staff : ~170
Contract Staff: 200
Production: minimum 2,500 tons – 3,500 tons per month
Edgard THIRION : Managing director
Frédéric THIRION : Chairman

CA : ~ 7.5 M€.
Staff : 25
Current Production capacity
2,000 tons per month
Frédéric THIRION : Manager

Our vocation is to build reinforcements for engineering structures such as viaducts, nuclear power plants and unusual buildings.

and a taste for challenge.

Millau Viaduct

Professional equality index

SAMT is founded on solid values that we share with you every day. It is these values that enable us to always put people and their safety at the heart of our concerns. SAMT Pose has been committed to professional equality for many years, and in 2024, for the year 2023, it achieved an incalculable gender equality index.

This score is broken down as follows:

  • Pay gap indicator: incalculable because the number of able-bodied groups is less than 40% of the total workforce.
  • Indicator of individual increase rate differential: 35/35
  • Indicator relating to the number of employees who received an increase following their return from maternity leave: incalculable as there were no returns from maternity leave.
  • Indicator relating to the number of employees of the under-represented sex among the 10 highest earners: 5/10