attach, tie, fasten…

ITER Tokamak floor (Cadarache)

The importance of a project is not measured in tonnes of steel. The expectancy of discovering a new project, the first time looking over a plan, the abstract visualisation of the living structure, the satisfaction of the finished job... all sources of daily satisfaction. In civil engineering and industrial construction, we are passionate when we talk about our trade and we are constantly reinventing it every day...

We are the guarantors of the ultimate solidity of the structures entrusted to us, a commitment which requires genuine expertise. In all weathers, for urgent jobs or working in the toughest conditions, we construct magical spiders’ webs, linked by steel mesh assembled with the dexterity of a master couturier. The symbol for infinity is our emblem. It perfectly expresses our sense of art, our wish to excel, our desire to always respond to new technical challenges, our unity necessary on the worksite and the bond of steel that connects us.

“We dream of transparent concrete…”

The largest modern buildings contain tonnes of steel assembled by hand in accordance with in-house plans, which require expertise to decipher and optimise. A work of “haute couture” requiring technical expertise and dexterity. These colossal metal structures, veritable technical sculptures, disappear inside the concrete in which, nonetheless, they remain the embedded soul and backbone.


> Length of the structure: 2,460 meters
> Total height: 343 meters, i.e. 30 meters more than the Eiffel Tower
> Pier P2, whose reinforcement we patiently built, is the highest in the world: 245 meters
> The 7 piers were built in 24 months by lifting 4 meters every 3 days. A great synchronization on the construction site…
> 14,000 tonnes of reinforcement installed by us for 85,000 m3 of concrete