Construction site: ITER, Cadarache, France

For many years, we have been working on this site, one of the most ambitious projects in the world in the field of energy. 35 countries are engaged in the construction of the largest tokamak ever designed, a machine which must demonstrate that fusion (energy from the sun and stars) can be used as a large-scale, non-CO2 emitting energy source for generate electricity. In this month of July, we are working on 3 distinct batches:

- Lot TB18 for the VFR consortium, currently being finalized, which consists of building the last 5 floors of the Tritium building.

- Lot TB13 for the Italian company Monsud, which consists of building 4 emergency electrical buildings.

- The LTCC lot for the Nuvia-GTM Sud consortium, which consists of carrying out various underpinning works to seal the hoppers, once the pipes, equipment and various machines have been installed.

We are very proud and happy to participate in this international project of exceptional magnitude. (Customers: VFR, Monsud, Nuvia-GTM)