Construction site: bridge over the Garonne, Bar of Camelat in Agen, France

This project consists of the creation of a third bridge over the Garonne which will rebalance flows and traffic between the left bank and the right bank and will relieve the heart of agglomeration. Our teams have completed the installation of the reinforcements of the two river piers of the bridge over the Garonne on the Camelat bar site, as part of the western ring road of Agen. These two very imposing piles of 15m x 15m were entirely prefabricated on the ground. They were broken down into 4 sub-elements, then placed in a monumental formwork, protected from the Garonne by a cofferdam. The next steps will be the launching of the metal framework of the deck, the laying of the prefabricated slabs of the slabs and their keying in place (Client: Eiffage Génie Civil)