Construction site: sawmill and biomass plant in Petit Saut, Guyana, France

In 1994, the commissioning of the Petit Saut dam in French Guiana flooded almost 35,000 km2 of forest, submerging hundreds of thousands of trees. It must be said that this dam makes it possible to supply two thirds of the electricity needs of Guyanese territory. Triton Guyane and Voltalia have joined forces to reclaim and give another use to these huge volumes of abandoned wood. Triton, thanks to its own patented technology, the SHARC™, is able to cut standing trees up to 30m deep, without disturbing the lake bed. This equipment consists of a self-propelled barge, a forestry machine and a telescopic stick. Once cut, the wood is brought back to shore, dried and sorted. A sawmill will be built close to the lake, where the best species will be transformed into lumber. All other fibers and sawmill waste will be converted as biomass products to power the adjacent biomass powerplant (and thus supply over 8% of French Guyana's coastal consumption).

In the middle of the Amazon jungle, SAMT supplies and installs the frames for the sawmill and biomass powerplant. It's what you might call a worksite at the end of the world! (Customer: Ribal TP, Colas Group)