Bridge over the river Saint-Étienne (Reunion island)

The Armaturiers (reinforcement specialists) in Reunion Island signed off a beautiful structure on the island, by a Vinci Construction subsidiaries, the bridge over the river Saint-Etienne.
A further recognition for this unknown and futuristic craft.

For 32 months, from March 2010 to November 2012, the SAMT Ocean Indien reinforcement specialists had worked on this imposant project, which connects the two towns of Saint-Louis and Saint-Pierre.
“We have used 4020 tons of steel reinforcement, from the foundations to the road base (all the reinforcement coming from our factory in Le Port). And also some 25 km of inspections hatches in the foundations and some 20 km concrete cooling pipes. This represents more than 16000 hours of work in our factory plus 70000 hours on site. The equivalent of 16 people working full time for 32 months. The result fulfilled everyone’s ambition. The Armaturiers, even though their work is “buried” in concrete, feed off a real passion for these bridges and viaducts, always being exceptional technical and human challenge.” said Frederic Thirion, Managing Director of SAMT Ocean Indien.

A technical and human challenge
A 9 spans bridge (2 abuttments and 8 uprights) 695m long, variable width from 21,70m at Saint-Pierre to 34,15m at Saint-Louis.

Download the press release (in french)